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La Nuit de l'Agro-Ecologie - June 2016

On June 23 last, Château Argadens’ Fabien Laborde took part in a public debate forming part of a national agro-ecology event, La Nuit de l’Agro-Ecologie, initiated by the French Ministry of Agriculture. More than 110 events were organised all over France.

Taking advantage of the Bordeaux wine festival, the GIEE DD-I-VIN (an economic and environmental interest group working to promote sustainable development and innovation in the Bordeaux wine trade) invited its members, of which Château Argadens is one, to take part in a debate with consumers.

On the strength of his experience and the work he has done on the vineyard of Château Argadens, Fabien Laborde contributed to the debate on a variety of subjects, such as biodiversity, reducing inputs, agro-ecological practices and living in harmony with one another.