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Remember, remember, the 25th of November…

The French have a saying: “A la Sainte Catherine, tout bois prend racine” – “On Saint Catherine’s day, all wood takes root”. A canny reminder for farmers and avid gardeners that the approach of St. Catherine's day, November 25th, marks the ideal time of year for planting. In late November 2016, we took advantage to plant new hedgerows.
As in 2010, we worked in close collaboration with the association Arbres et Paysages de la Gironde, which translates as “Trees and Landscapes of the Gironde”. Nicolas S and the technicians determined the zones for planting according to the natural characteristics of each.
Some 200 metres of hedgerow incorporating more than 12 different species, including pussy willow, common dogwood, holm oak and common hazel, were planted in three sectors of the estate.
We gave priority to suitable, diverse and local species which flower, fruit and attract bees.
Forming a continuous mesh, biological corridors like these foster biodiversity and provide shelter for a variety of species. They create ecological “reservoirs” in the middle of cultivated areas and can help control pests by raising the impact of predators.

Thank you to Jérôme, Nicolas and Pierre for planting the 200 saplings.