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Château Argadens: The Midas touch

The wines: The results for the two first competitions in which the wines of Château Argadens took part have just been announced, and we won the jackpot!

Château Argadens White 2016 was awarded a gold medal in the Concours International de Lyon and Château Argadens Red 2015 a gold medal in the Concours Agricole Général de Paris.

We can’t wait to see the results of the Bordeaux, Bourg et Blaye and Mâcon competitions!...

The vines: Nature has been hard at working covering our vineyards with gold. At the end of a sunny month of March, the vegetation lost no time after waking from its winter sleep. Nicolas’ bees are out and about, enjoying the pollen from the dandelions in full flower.   On the Maison Neuve plot, magnificent wild tulips have just started flowering at the foot of the vines just as they did last year. The field mustard (sown in October) also came into flower around ten days ago. The aim of sowing field mustard is to help decompact and aerate the soil thanks to this plant’s taproot system.