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Agroforestery at Château Argadens

March 2022 : We are continuing our agroforestry projects at Château Argadens. We have planted a 250 m long country hedge between the “Maison Neuve” and “Bord de route” plots.

The main idea is to establish a balance between cultivated environments and natural spaces.

This hedge will  separate an “island” of 13 hectares of vines in order to break the monotony of the landscape, to create a buffer zone, to preserve and enrich the biodiversity of our terroir.

We have planted a dozen varieties including deciduous hazelnut shrubs, lantana cranberry, evergreen holm oak trees and deciduous apple trees, pear trees, common hornbeams.

To avoid competing with the cover crop, the base of the hedge was covered with straw and fragmented ramial wood. The latter is produced every year on the farm following the pruning and maintenance of our existing hedges (see video). This is the virtuous circle of agroforestry at Château Argadens.