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The Men and Women who craft CHÂTEAU ARGADENS

Château Argadens - not just a vineyard

As we already know, the wines of Château Argadens can be enjoyed twice a day, at lunchtime and with the evening meal (in moderation: one small glass). But now, you can have Château Argadens for breakfast too!
Jérôme, Nicolas and Dominique, who look after the château’s wine cellar and vines all year round, are also spoiling us with other produce from the estate – all grown or produced as part of our environmental initiative.
Each of them has chosen one activity aimed at fostering and developing biodiversity on our land – chicken-breeding, hedge maintenance, apiculture, and the like – while awaiting the summer, with its fruit from the orchard and vegetables from the vegetable garden. All 100% organic and to be consumed without moderation, for breakfast, lunch and dinner!