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The undies test!!!!!

In mid-April, we implemented a tool that will give us an idea of the intensity of biological activity in the soil: we buried organic cotton underpants in one plot of vines to assess its biological activity based on the speed at which the fabric degrades. This method is not governed by any scientific protocol, but is one indicator among many others that will teach us more about our soil.
The object of the exercise is to show the incidence of farming practices on microbiological activity in the soil and the variations in biological activity within one and the same parcel.
We chose to conduct the test in the parcel of Merlot called Palombière, where over a number of years we have noticed a difference in vigour between two areas of the plot.  The same applies to the growth of the green manure planted in October, which shows a stark difference in growth and density ( see photos).

So let’s leave Nature do its work. We’ll come back in two months' time to recover our undies and see how far they have degraded…