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The Fruits of Château Argadens

This beautiful month of July, all the staff at Maison Sichel and Château Argadens had the pleasure of receiving a tray of apricots from the château’s team grown in the orchard at Argadens.
After the distribution of eggs, then cherries in June, it was the turn of apricots…. This year, we harvested 21kg (the common Clairac variety), all from a tree planted in 2016.
Château Argadens is planning to transform itself gradually into a farm of yesteryear. The main objective is still, of course, to produce quality wines, but the team at the château aims to develop other farming activities in parallel, which will permit much greater diversity on its land.
Historically, there has always been an orchard at Château Argadens. This has gradually been extended over the years. And to do this, the team insist on selecting regional fruit varieties, which they buy at the Aquitaine Regional Plant Conservatory. Regularly maintained by Jérôme et Nicolas, the orchard undergoes no chemical treatment: production is 100% NATURAL.

All the more reason to enjoy the apricots – while awaiting the plums, peaches and apples, to be harvested soon.