Château Argadens : Here, and nowhere else !

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Here, and nowhere else !

We were well aware of the viticultural potential of the southern Gironde. We have been winegrowers and explorers of the region here for nearly 50 years with Cave Bel Air – our wine facility with its 250 hectares of vines. 
In the early 2000s, we were in search of a wine estate. When we discovered Château Argadens, there was no doubt in our minds: this was the place, here, and nowhere else…


40 continuous hectares
A homogenous whole, ideal for consistent tending and treatment of the vines and offering the possibility of a long-term vision of style and personality.


Excellent hilltop situation
Situated at an altitude of 110m (one of the 5 highest points in the Gironde): set in a gently, undulating landscape with east and south-facing slopes, our vines have neither too much nor too little water, sunshine or wind. Our micro-climate is our fortune.


The magic of calcareous clay soils
This magic has been working for centuries.
Today, we apply our know-how and make use of every available technical advance to allow the expression of this unique terroir to come through unadulterated.