CHÂTEAU ARGADENS, A family story...


A family story...

th century. This feudal castle is owned by the ARGADENS family of the parish of Saint-Macaire.  The family builds up the estate during the Middle Ages and gives it its name.


 th centuries. Several families and lords succeed one another at Château Argadens – Odet de Raphaël, Charles Asdrubal de Ferron, François d’Arche – each one enriching the estate and leaving their mark on it.


 th century. The French Revolution reaches Argadens. At the end of the “Terror”, citizen Ducot acquires the estate. It remains in his family into the twentieth century.


th th century. Léo DROUYN, the famous Aquitaine artist and archaeologist, lists the château in his monumental work devoted to the region of Guyenne and its architectural treasures. Today Argadens is one of the rare examples of a fortified residence still to be found in the region.


th century. More recently, in 2002, the SICHEL family, a family of English origin which settled in Bordeaux in 1883 and owns properties in Margaux, buys the estate and undertakes a vast programme of replanting and development.


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