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Winter 2018 at Château Argadens

Since the start of the year, the weather at Château Argadens has been rainy.
Perfect weather, agronomically speaking. The winter rains help our clay and silt soils replenish their stock of water and allow the vines to withstand the frequent summer droughts.
The downside is that working in the vineyard is difficult in these conditions, especially sécaillage. This operation consists of inspecting and replacing the trellising posts and repairing or changing some of the trellis wires.
While waiting for better weather, Jérôme (welding), Nicolas (at the anvil) and Dominique (cleaning) are doing maintenance work on the farm equipment. After servicing the cane shredders, it’s the turn of the trimmer to get a facelift. It’s also time to do a little maintenance work on the beehives; spring will soon be here and the accommodation of our friends the bees is in need of extension and renovation.