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The Women and Men who celebrate CHÂTEAU ARGADENS

An Oscar for 2018 Château Argadens White!

This year, the Syndicat des Bordeaux et Bordeaux Supérieur held its 13th Summer Oscars of Bordeaux awards ceremony. The aim of this annual event is to select the wines that for the next year will represent the following appellations: Bordeaux White, Bordeaux Rosé, Bordeaux Clairet and Crémant de Bordeaux. The 105 preselected wines from the 2018 vintage were tasted on 5 March by an all-female jury made up of 120 tasters, all either winegrowers, representatives of wine merchants or wine cooperatives, sommeliers, journalists, bloggers or consumers.

At the end of the tasting, six winners per category were designated, and the 2018 Château Argadens White features among the 24 Oscar-winning wines.

These 24 reference wines will be honoured throughout the year, especially during spring and summer, both in France and internationally.