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Waste hunting at Château Argadens

At Château Argadens, environmental protection and recycling are not empty words and rhyme with mutual aid. Here, participating in collective and/or individual action to reduce our impact on the environment is a true credo. The Argadens team has been working for several years to reduce waste by recycling everything that can be recycled and by giving a second life to equipment deemed obsolete or worn out.

Nicolas Sennavoine, a new deputy of the commune of Caudrot and employee of Ch. Argadens, presented us his project concerning the watering of the green spaces of the commune. He was missing a part of the material to realize his project. This material was sleeping in a shed at Château Argadens before finding a solution for its destruction.

The commune of Caudrot came to collect a 5000 liter tank free of charge in order to collect rainwater as well as a 2000 liter tank on a frame (old sprayer) for the watering of plants and flower beds. This is a fine example of the social responsibility of Château Argadens within its territory, which clearly shows its total involvement in the sustainable development of its activity.